Google Assistant Now Available on the iPad

Google Assistant adds iPad support, joins Alexa and Cortana as Siri rivals

Google Assistant Lands on the iPad

With it being time for iPads to receive this update, it seems a little too late Google pushed this out but nevertheless some iPad owners are probably happy to see a different assistant than Siri.

Google Assistant supports multitasking on the iPad.

You've always been able to run the iPhone version on iPad, of course, but that's never a great experience.

"Plus, you can stay productive by multitasking on iPad with iOS 11, letting you chat with the Assistant while you play a game, plan a trip, or check your calendar". More screen real estate simply means that you don't have to exit one app just to hop into Google Assistant.

In a bid to take on Apple's smart assistant, Siri, Google has emphasised its Assistant is compatible with iOS11, and can complete tasks whilst "mid-app". Once you're in the app, Google Assistant has most of the functionality you're used to on other platforms, whether its controlling home automation systems through voice commands, scheduling reminders, or composing text messages.

Google Assistant is now rolling out to iPads starting today and is now available in these languages, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish.

Everyone can download the Assistant for iPad now for free from the App Store.

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