Cuomo Demands Independent Oversight After NYCHA Tour

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Gov. Cuomo accepted an invitation to visit an NYCHA building where tenants have faced repair issues for years

The state is now reviewing options, including an emergency declaration, to expedite immediate, competent repairs for tenants.

Late last month, the Citywide Council of Presidents (CCOP), made up of the leaders of resident associations at different public housing developments, demanded an independent monitor to oversee NYCHA as part of the lawsuit. He said there has been neglect by the city and from NYCHA, and he is calling on the New York City Council to come up with a plan in the next two weeks to remedy the issues.

Mr. Cuomo blamed Nycha's delayed repairs of its aging buildings on years of mismanagement and a "maze of bureaucracy", which he said could be circumvented with the appointment of an independent entity through an emergency declaration. If Cuomo doesn't have those recommendations, along with the state Legislature's solution, by when the budget is due April 1, he will decide what steps to take himself.

A day earlier, the Democratic governor blasted the living conditions at a Bronx home run by NYCHA and took another swipe at his rival, Mayor Bill de Blasio. "We are open to figuring out how that happens and the governor is open" to that as well.

"Yeah, I don't know where the mayor is, and that is none of my business. The mayor has been out of town when it comes to the management of public housing", the councilman said. According to his public schedule, de Blasio is traveling from Washington, New York City and has no public events. The tenant-led oversight council would be made up of resident leaders, who would work with advocacy organizations, elected officials, and faith and union leaders.

Additionally, Cuomo noted the lack of effective progress by NYCHA to make any repairs or improvements to the 150 developments across the city citing recent million dollar funding.

Following Cuomo's visit, two top aides for the mayor held their own press conference at City Hall to answer the governor.

"I feel like they take it too easy, I feel like they don't have the need to rush like whenever they have the time they come and do it, that's just the way I feel they come and do it, they're not that concerned", said one NYCHA resident. Both the governor and the mayor supported the bill, which passed in the State Assembly on Monday night, several hours after the sparring between city and state officials had subsided.

At the Governor's direction, Commissioner of Health, Dr. Zucker, will be conducting a formal investigation into NYCHA properties after a state inspection indicated clear health and safety hazards.

Cuomo called what he saw inside "deplorable", and apologized to NYCHA residents.

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