Amazon's Follow-Up Mode for Alexa Devices Would be Great With Google Home

Google Assistant multi-step routines are now live in the US

Google Assistant "Routines" now available in the US

For example, "remind me to pick up milk when I'm at the store".

Setting a location-based reminder is easy-just tell Assistant you want to be reminded of something when you are in a certain place. But, now that we have a dozen or so smart objects, including speaking kitchen appliances, it is only fair that we should have the ability to set reminders on those devices as well. Instead, the Google Home asked when I wanted the full instruction to be issued as a regular reminder. Using Routines, the personal assistant would be able to perform several functions without needing to generate multiple commands for each of them.

With Google Assistant, you can also set up different, customised Routines for each individual in the household, once you've sorted out Voice Match for your devices to recognise you and provide your personal info.

Google will be starting with six specific routines according to the company's support page on the topic with "Good morning", "Bedtime", "Leaving home", "I'm home", "Commuting to work", and "Commuting home" being the phrases you'll get to stylize.

Similarly, depending on how you phrase the request, the Assistant doesn't always recognize the difference between a general reminder and a location-based one. You can set Assistant up to read you your unread texts; send texts; get commute info, broadcast to Google speakers at home that you're on your way back and adjust smart home devices ready for when you return. Needless to say, you will need to have location services enabled on your smartphone for the notification to trigger. It can also be used to set reminders not related to shopping, for example, "Hey Google, remind me to drop the cheque off at the bank". Similar to Amazon Alexa, this long-awaited feature allows users to club multiple actions under a single command.

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