Taylor Swift totally lets loose, and nobody's looking, in new 'Delicate' video

Watch Taylor Swift dances like no one's watching in'Delicate

Kenzo on Taylor Swift's controversial video: 'It's hard to stay fresh'

Meanwhile, New York Magazine's senior producer Kenny Wassus remarked, "taylor's "delicate" video is the drunk sorority knockoff of the kenzo ad w (with) margaret quailey (sic)", before going one step further and highlighting certain scenes from both videos to illustrate his point, checking off similarities like, "silly wink faces", "angry gorilla dance", and "ballet leap".

In the clip, Swift arrives at an event surrounded by her usual entourage, giving a red carpet interview and dealing with the trappings of fame.

She eventually becomes invisible and is able to let go, dancing through the foyer of a hotel, across the reception desk, and out into the rain as she makes her way to the one person who can see her for herself. Things take a twist when she discovers a magical note that renders her invisible to everyone around her.

In Swift's video, the pop star, who becomes bored with being interviewed by the press, also makes amusing faces in the mirror before realizing she is invisible.

Having said that, the song is about a new beginning where she hints at how her reputation has been hurt, but people should like her for the person she really is. The clip was filmed in downtown Los Angeles and directed by a frequent collaborator, Joseph Kahn.

Taylor Swift, who has been called a snake and Regina George in sheep's clothing in the past, is now being called another offensive animal-oriented nickname - a copycat. She's getting ready for her latest tour, which kicks off May 8 in Arizona with openers Camila Cabello and Charli XCX.

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