Evacuations ordered ahead of Southern California storm

The Santa Barbara County map for South Coast communities below the Thomas Fire burn area shows communities at extreme risk of dangerous debris flows in red and high risk in yellow

Mandatory evacuation issued, Carpinteria's risk downgraded

The map was highlighted in red and yellow, with red marking "extreme risk" areas that were under mandatory evacuations. In addition, the online interactive Debris Flow Risk Map now shows changes to the risk areas from Extreme Risk to High Risk in the city of Carpinteria based on that city's staff analysis.

The evacuation orders impact the burn scars of the Thomas, Whittier and Sherpa fires, which left large swaths of land scorched and unable to handle heavy rainfall at rates of more than a half-inch per hour.

An evacuation center has been opened at the Goleta Valley Community Center in Goleta for evacuees who need shelter, KTLA also said.

It's possible more evacuations could be called for this week, as the first of several storms pass over the Santa Barbara coast.

National Weather Service forecasters have issued a flash flood watch from Tuesday morning until Tuesday afternoon.

"Please do not wait for someone to come to your door and contact you in person to tell you to leave", county Sheriff Bill Brown said during a news conference Monday.

Perhaps the coldest and strongest of the three storms is forecast to hit Southern California Friday through Saturday.

County officials redefined their evacuation plans for storm events, according to a statement released earlier Monday, and may evacuate extreme risk areas or both the extreme and high risk areas ahead of a storm that has potential to cause debris flows.

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