Britain's ego is the biggest loser in Brexit

Ford calls for Brexit clarity to help it make UK investment decision- Report

Ford calls for Brexit clarity to help it make UK investment decision- Report

Up until then I had considered the issue of the border to be being overplayed, both by the Irish, and by British "Remainers" desperate to find any means of halting Brexit.

Diplomats, who have been revising the document published by the European Commission two weeks ago, have added an entire section on "good faith".

The European Parliament - which will have the final veto on any Brexit deal - will vote on Wednesday on a proposal to offer Britain an "association agreement" which it says would be broader than a trade deal.

"This is a point I made myself when the European Union chief negotiator Mr Barnier was in Dublin recently - that it is essential that fisheries remain directly linked to trade talks and no agreement can be reached until the completion of the entire trade talks process and that includes fisheries". "And thirdly, we will seek dispute settlement consultants in the WTO in conjunction with other affected countries", Jean-Claude Juncker said.

This would effectively push the border back to the Irish sea between the island of Ireland and the rest of the UK.

In the European Union, the hardest hit sector would be the automotive sector, agriculture and food and drinks, chemicals and plastics, consumer goods and industrials, the report said.

"After Brexit there is a big discontinuity in all the trade and services, but we still have a large market and it's supposed to be an interesting opportunity for all the financial institutions", Katainen said.

"I could not agree more".

Mr Juncker singled out the Irish border issue and said the United Kingdom should come forward with "concrete solutions" to address it if it wanted to avoid the back-stop of keeping full alignment with single market rules, agreed in December.

For no trade border you need tariff-free trade and full alignment in rules and regulations, at least insofar as they apply to goods, including animals and food.

"The December agreement allows us, at some future point, to wrap it all up a bit sooner if we and the European Union judge that is in our mutual interest".

The European Union offered Britain "solidarity" yesterday after London accused Russian Federation of a nerve agent attack on British soil, but held off any threat of new sanctions as Prime Minister Theresa May considers her own response. 72 per cent of trade in and out of Belfast Harbour is to Great Britain and less than one fifth to the EU.

Best for Britain, a campaign group, says it plans to launch a lawsuit to secure a referendum on Britain's European Union withdrawal treaty.

"One can not have at the same time the status of a third country and demand at the same time the advantages of the (European) Union", Barnier told a plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. If this eliminated tariffs it would solve one problem in relation to the Border.

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