American Idol to make a return to television

Lionel Richie Katy Perry and Luke Bryan on “American Idol.”

Lionel Richie Katy Perry and Luke Bryan on “American Idol.”

Ron Bultongez is a 22-year-old who emigrated from the Congo 10 years ago. And Lionel hugged her. All three judges agreed to send her to Hollywood.

The auditions then head to Nashville, where we meet 16-year-old Harper Grace. During his pre-performance interview, the Oklahoma native admitted he had never kissed a girl because he'd never been in a relationship.

"Once you're in front of the judges, it is very quick". Brandon just wants to make his dad proud and he did, scoring a golden ticket after singing "Unaware" by Allen Stone.

A tearful Perry, who had lost her voice by the time Francisco auditioned, couldn't hold back emotion as she explained that she spent most of the performance watching his fiancée and seeing "how in love she is".

But her second song was the selling point.

The rest of the night ambles along at a familiar pace, as we're mostly introduced to decent singers like bespectacled goofball Catie Turner from Langhorne, Pennsylvania, who refers to the boom mic above her as a "corn cob" and laments, "What if Katy Perry thinks I'm odd?"

For Catie Turner, what really stood out to me was how intriguing of a songwriter she is. For example, both Marcio and Jurnee are said to have made it to "Hollywood Week" during Season 15, and Adam/Ada was seen getting to the Top 52 during Season 12.

Luke found the singer "inspiring" and also admired the hopeful's "honesty", so he said "yes". We get wrapped up in their stories. Instead, she thought his audition was an imitation, so Katy said he needs more time to develop and it's a "no" from her.

"You're so hot", Perry, 33, told the singer. Lionel Richie approved her as fit for Hollywood because "you're strong", he asserted.

But this time, Julica had her biggest supporter with her, her 2-year-old daughter Mikova.

Autumn Wood, 27, Katy, TX: The library clerk came in dolled up in what Katy described as "glamazon" style, but her version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was freakish: She sounded like Cher with a bad cold. The vivacious redhead wasn't shy before the cameras but explained that she was not too popular at school.

Speaking of wigs, Katy bonds with Arkansas nursing major Noah Davis, 18, who plays piano while belting out Rihanna's "Stay".

"American Idol" reboot has finally aired on ABC on Sunday night!

Next up is musical theater actress Koby - no last name needed, apparently - a Denver native keen on referring to herself in third person.

"You're not a pop star", Katy confessed, before Lionel noted Koby's voice simply won't work for records.

Glaze made his way over the the judge's panel and went in for a kiss on the cheek that just wasn't up to Perry's standards.

Bryan suggested he "hone his craft a little more" and "get better at singing" before trying again soon.

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