Valve Overhauls Dota 2 Battle Pass With Subscription-Based Dota Plus

The new system has arrived with mixed reviews

The new system has arrived with mixed reviews

Valve announced a subscription service today for Dota 2 players named Dota Plus, arriving as a replacement for the Battle Passes that revolved around the Valve sponsored tournaments, Majors.

A post from Valve on the Dota 2 blogs detailed the goal behind the new subscription while drawing comparisons to the Battle Pass system that Dota 2 players are likely familiar with. The International Battle Pass is not affected by this change. Rather than offer services dependent on start and end dates, the official Dota 2 blog explains, Dota Plus will continually offer new features and content over time. The Dota Plus site that describes the Assistant's goal says that it'll suggest items that should be purchased, abilities that should be leveled based on what lane players are in and on the compositions of both teams, and will even suggest heroes for players to pick before the game based on what allies and enemies have already picked.

The ongoing service from Valve is one that's said to provide "both progression and opportunities for improvement" for players. Test your skills by completing hundreds of new Challenges of varying difficulties. Subscribers will also have free access to weekly Battle Cup tournaments (non-subscribers can take part by purchasing Battle Cup tickets for $1 each) with special emoticons, profile accolades, and Shard awards for winners.

But the real hook for serious players will likely be the Plus Assistant, a multi-function toolset that will offer hero, item and ability suggestions to help optimize builds.

The new Plus Assistant gathers data directly from the millions of games played daily, and seems to be a direct competitor to existing third party websites built to help players.

Dota Plus subscribers will also have access to a "Death Summary" screen providing "a second-by-second timeline of incoming damage, stuns, and other disabling effects" in real-time, and a "Lane Strategy" feature with team-wide suggestions for lane configurations. It's priced at $4 per month, with some small discounts available if you lock in a subscription for six or 12 months.

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