Turkish broadcaster apologizes for false report over South Korea president

Seoul demands Turkish TV publicly apologize for depicting S. Korean president as murder suspect

A general view shows the southwestern Seoul city skyline facing east prior to sunrise

It had aired an image of President Moon Jae-in, describing the South Korean head of state as a suspect in the murder of a Filipina maid.

A report by the Turkish-based Show TV channel raised eyebrows in South Korea after it featured photographs of President Moon Jae-in in the wrong context.

The show screened a photo of Moon with Ivanka Trump during her visit to Korea last month, and Moon's photos are reported to have appeared eight times during the 1.5-minute report.

At a time when the internet is the most common and easiest mode to access information, this channel went on terming the representatives of two nations as murderers first and then audaciously tagged them as a couple.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has demanded repeatedly that the station apologize though the broadcaster has yet to do so.

South Koreans living in Turkey first flagged the video to the ministry.

It put Moon's photo side-by-side with the murder victim's as if he were a suspect when the anchor read out the news. The South Korean Foreign Ministry demanded that the Turkish channel issue a public apology on air. Seoul also called on the company to provide "assurances to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future".

"We made multiple complaints to the broadcaster through our embassy there immediately after the program was aired", a ministry official said.

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