Bose working on augmented reality glasses that are everything Google Glass isn't

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Bose has announced a pair of augmented reality-based smart glasses but the company is taking a different direction

The glasses are backed by the Bose AR platform that comes with a singular goal of improving daily life by providing relevant information.

Talking about the platform itself the company stated, "Bose AR is a platform, which means others can develop both apps for music, travel and education, among others - as well as wearables, including headphones, glasses and helmets".

Bose will be launching an AR platform and set up a $50 million venture to invest in start-ups and developers.

Augmented reality has mostly always been thought of visual overlays wherein the virtual can be superimposed on the real with the help of AR headsets of glasses.

Bose made the announcement at the 2018 South by Southwest Film Festival which is now underway through March 17 in Austin, Texas, and said this first audio augmented platform - glasses to hear - is the future of mobile sound.

As part of the early version of its smart spectacles, Bose says it's developed a "wafer-thin acoustics package" created to be carried on your face. "And it can be added to products and apps we already use and love, removing some of the big obstacles that have kept AR on the sidelines", Gordon added.

Bose has announced a pair of augmented reality-based smart glasses but the company is taking a different direction.

The AR glasses have Bluetooth compatibility with microphones that allows calls or activation of Siri or Google Assistant. Once more, Bose AR is able to function with the use of head gestures, voice commands or a tap on the wearable control content - replacing the need to swipe, type or tap a touchscreen. So thanks to the image recognition built into the camera inside the prototype AR glasses Bose has been showing off, you could walk down a street and hear music or speech related to what's in front of you. Other uses that the Bose AR platform could be put to work with includes learning by allowing a user to translate a sign just by looking at it or even prodive the history behind a painting a user might be viewing.

There is no word on consumer availability, and I assume this will be a while off while they ideal the hardware design and allow developers to provide software functionality.

Developers interested in the Bose AR platform can sign-up for more information and the Bose AR SDK over on Bose's developer site.

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