Android Wear rebranding underway it seems, get ready for Wear OS

Google Play services beta hints at Android Wear rebrand to 'Wear OS'

Android Wear may rebrand to 'Wear OS' according to latest Google Play Services beta

Reddit user H3x0n noticed that a completely different logo appeared on a set-up screen while setting up his watch.

Not only has a new logo popped up online, but reports suggest the name is changing too.

It looks as though there are some changes afoot for Google's smartwatch operating system, which has been called Android Wear since its inception three years ago. However, H3x0n is running the newly released Android P Developer Preview, which is running version 12.4 of Google Play Services.

Google has hinted it might be rebranding Android Wear - the operating system (OS) that it designed for smartwatches and other wearables - to simply "Wear OS".

First spotted by Redditor /u/H3x0n on the /r/AndroidWear subreddit, the latest Google Play Services beta update is showing a new logo and name when attempting to set up an Android Wear smartwatch. For example the Nexus lineup of smartphones and tablets were eventually rebranded into the Pixel handsets, and the same for its laptops as well where it now uses the Pixel branding for essentially the same concept.

We don't know which Wear device this was, or whether more people are also seeing the same message during initial setup, but a screenshot was posted alongside the Reddit thread to help back up the claim.

Until then, expect plenty of rumours to do the rounds as more Android P Preview users install it.

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