Emoji Movie named worst film of 2017

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Courtesy of Columbia

The Emoji Movie won four of the 10 prizes awarded at the annual film awards that gives gongs to the worst the movie industry can offer, including the most dubious honour of all - worst picture of 2017.

"Leading this year's list of movie-misfires is the emoticon-based, talking poop opus", the Razzies said in a statement announcing the recipients, saying the film came in a year when "Hollywood's recycled trash heap attained an all-time high" and saw a "toxic-level lack of originality".

Tom Cruise was named worst actor for his performance in the reboot of The Mummy.

But it was the Emoji movie that really riled judges.

Whilst I can guarantee that there will be no mention of The Emoji Movie, I can't promise that James Corden won't be milling about somewhere, pretending to be best friends with all the famous people and grinning like an idiot the entire time.

Tyler Perry won worst actress for Boo 2!

Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger earned the Razzie dishonor for her supporting role in erotic romance "Fifty Shades Darker", while the big screen adaptation of TV series "Baywatch" won the fan-voted award of "nominee so bad you loved it!"

Despite Mel Gibson having won the Razzie Redeemer award, last year, for his Oscar-nominated film Hacksaw Ridge, the actor failed to escape this year's winners list.

In its 38th year, the Razzies serves as a tongue-in-cheek response to the Sunday's Academy Awards by handing out $4.97 gold spray-painted berry trophies.

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