United Airlines plane slides off runway at Green Bay airport

Twice-diverted United Airlines plane skids off runway in Green Bay

Plane bound for MSP diverted, slides off runway in Green Bay

However, icy conditions at the Green Bay airport managed to impact Flight 878's landing as it consequently skidded off the runway.

Henderson told the TV station the plane originally was supposed to land in Minneapolis about 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

The plane was carrying 180 passengers and seven crew members, but no one was injured. But the plane was "apparently diverted" to the Green Bay airport due to "bad weather". The airport fire department was forced to come in and get people off the plane.

"You could kind of tell the difference between the runway and the ground. It was a pretty scary experience, I'd say but, they turned the lights on and just made sure everyone was OK after", said Zierden.

A United Airlines Flight bound from Houston to Minneapolis made two unscheduled landings and ran off the runway after the second early Friday, the carrier says.

United Flight 878 took off from Houston and was first diverted to Madison.

'We are in contact with all customers and are providing alternate transportation options including flights and buses, ' the airline said in a statement. "The situation has been reported to the FAA, which is investigating".

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