YouTube Apologizes For Trending Conspiracy Video On Florida Survivor

Donald Trump Jr. Likes Tweets Promoting Conspiracy Theory Attempting to Discredit Teen Parkland Shooting Survivor

This student journalist documented the Florida school shooting

As survivors from last week's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre front the media calling for stronger gun control measures, internet trolls have suggested they're actually "crisis actors" hired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Democratic Party elites to destabilise the Trump administration.

The video-sharing site's statement added: "As soon as we became aware of the video, we removed it from Trending and from YouTube for violating our policies".

David Hogg has been a vocal supporter of stricter gun laws in the days since a gunman killed 17 people at his high school, causing him to become the subject of online conspiracy theories that he is an actor pushing an anti-gun agenda.

At the centre of this particular instance is David Hogg, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Student David Hogg appeared in the video, a 2017 news report where he discussed a video he filmed of two people having a confrontation on Redondo Beach in Los Angeles.

YouTube does not have humans curating which videos appear in the Trending list. YouTube eventually removed that particular video, but not before it amassed almost 200,000 views.

Memes and other YouTube videos have surfaced with outlandish claims the students are anti-gun "actors" who travel around the country to the sites of mass shootings.

Still, conspiracy theorists held up the interview as well as clips of Hogg practising lines for a television appearance to suggest the teen is a "crisis actor" - or a person who follows tragedies and high-profile situations as they happen. Hogg, a Sun Sentinel Teenlink reporter, conducted interviews with students during the shooting and has been seen on CNN and CBS.

One of YouTube's most popular videos is pedalling a conspiracy theory about the deadly Parkland school shooting.

In reality, Hogg lived in California for a time, then moved to Florida to finish high school.

Hogg's video of the dispute went viral.

A survivor of the Florida school shooting who witnessed the massacre has been forced to deny outlandish claims that he is a "crisis actor".

"I'm just so sorry that these people have lost their faith in America because I know I certainly haven't", Hogg, who was joined by his father for the CNN interview, told Anderson Cooper. "Take action, get some bills passed, and for God's sake, let's save some lives", Hogg said.

Is David Hogg a crisis actor planted by TV news stations?

He also shared 51-year-old father, Kevin, was a retired FBI agent and said it was "disgusting" for the President and his family to blame the shooting on the bureau. Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., liked two tweets linking to fake stories about it and an aide to a Republican Florida state congressman was sacked after he tried to push the false claims to a reporter.

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