Stephen Fry reveals prostate cancer diagnosis on Twitter

NewsStephen Fry announces he has prostate cancer Jack Peat

NewsStephen Fry announces he has prostate cancer Jack Peat

STEPHEN FRY has revealed that he's been battling prostate cancer.

"I generally felt my life was saved by this early intervention, so I would urge any of you men of a certain age to get your PSA levels checked", he said.

A doctor discovered his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels were high and he had an MRI scan, which found the cancerous tissues were found in his prostate.

He told the camera: "They took these two bits out of me just to be sure and again another wait and then I get the results the next day and yes indeed there is a cancer there".

Actor Stephen Fry announced in a video that he underwent an operation for prostate cancer.

The broadcaster shared a video on his Twitter page in which he revealed he underwent surgery for prostate cancer in January and "it all seemed to go pretty well".

But the disease does take 11,819 British lives a year, so it needs to be taken seriously.

"As far as we know it s all been got", he said, adding: "For the moment I m fit and well and happy". I wasn't too anxious to be honest, but Tony said: 'Maybe you should consider an MRI'.

"Cancer is a word that just rings in your head".

"You are probably now looking into my eyes and saying 'yes I can see it".

He says he was driven to release his video because rumours had been circulating about his health and a newspaper had called to question whether he was, indeed, healthy.

"It doesnt seem to have spread, because what you dont want is to spread from one area to another, but one of the lymph nodes had something that called for active surveillance".

Fry thanked his husband and friends for supporting him in a trial that he always thought "happens to other people". I wasn't being examined for anything as beastly as Satan, but something as beastly and it was in the prostate that they were looking at.

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