Carolina women's coach files defamation lawsuit against Missouri AD for slander

Lawyer: 'Coach Staley was left with no alternative' but to sue Jim Sterk

South Carolina coach Dawn Staley files lawsuit over Mizzou AD's 'defamatory statements'

Will be updated.SC women's basketball coach Dawn Staley has sued Missouri's athletic director for slander after he suggested she wanted fans to spit and use racial slurs against his players.

Missouri coach Robin Pingeton came onto the floor to restrain standout Sophie Cunningham during the fracas. Their side. Fans have got to be better.

On Jan. 31, Staley said, "The allegations are false and they will be handled as such".

The suit claims Sterk's statements to KTGR "intentionally promoted a hostile and negative atmosphere created to incite riotous conduct at a college basketball game in which her team was participating was false, defamatory, reckless and made with actual malice".

Sankey also said that in addition to the fine and reprimand against Sterk, he mandated a review of South Carolina's game management procedures and visiting team security.

South Carolina Athletic Director Ray Tanner released a statement January 31 stating, "The commitment to a secure environment for everyone at our home games, including fans, student-athletes, coaches and staff from the home and visiting teams is of the utmost importance".

A recent controversy in SEC women's college basketball will be taken to court. According to the lawsuit, Sterk told 101 ESPN that his program has "moved on".

After the claims by Sterk were made, SC athletics director Ray Tanner issued a statement saying the university had investigated the claims and uncovered no confirmed reports of them.

Staley is suing Sterk for $75,000 not including court and legal fees, and Sterk has 30 days to respond. Competition among SEC teams is highly intense but can never compromise the expectation of respect between our institutions. "I look forward to meeting in person with both athletic directors very soon to reaffirm these shared priorities and expectations".

The lawsuit stems from public comments made by Sterk after the second of two hotly contested games between the Gamecocks and the Tigers.

Even before their matchup a few weeks ago, Mizzou and SC didn't need much to stir up their rivalry.

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