The free Super Mario Odyssey update is available now

Super Mario Odyssey's first content update might be coming tomorrow

A free update soars to Super Mario Odyssey!

Super Mario Odyssey has received its first game play update, with Luigi's Balloon World added in for extra speed running fun.

While playing Balloon World, the atmosphere and weather within each world will change in ways we've not previously seen.

The Nintendo Australia website momentarily showed a listing saying the new free update would be available for download this Friday, February 23. To start Balloon World (Internet access required)*, seek out the green-clad bro and have a nice chat with him. Players will need to find Luigi in each world to begin either hiding or finding balloons hidden by other players.

After completing the game a new mini-game "Balloon World" will now be playable. There are a couple different options so be sure to check them all out!

Lastly, the update adds two new photo filters: one for a coin, and one that turns the world into neon lights.

Additionally, the update adds three new outfits: a pinstripe suit and hat for a musician, a Sunshine-themed Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses combo, and a knight's suit of armour for Mario to wear into battle. For a full list of all the outfits now available or to get help finding all the power moons check out our wiki guide.

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