United Kingdom woman kicked off flight after 'complaining of period pain'

Beth Evans 24 and Josh Moran 26 were kicked off the flight from Birmingham just minutes before take-off

Beth Evans 24 and Josh Moran 26 were kicked off the flight from Birmingham just minutes before take-off

Beth Evans, 24, and Joshua Moran, 26, were forced to rebook their flights for £250 ($350) each after they were asked to step down from their £400 ($559) flight from Birmingham to Dubai.

But the couple say the cabin crew consulted a medical expert who was not on the plane and decided that as a doctor was not on board, the couple had to leave the A380 jet on Saturday.

The Birmingham couple claim they were kicked off their Emirates flight after a crew member overheard Beth Evans complain about period pains to her boyfriend. Beth was in tears and getting upset when the hostess was asking her questions.

A 24-year-old woman was getting ready to travel from the United Kingdom to Dubai when she and her boyfriend were removed from the plane-thanks to her menstrual period, the Times of London reports.

Representatives further added that they did not want the situation to worsen considering the length of the flight. The woman added that although she whispered this to her boyfriend, a flight attendant passing by must of overheard her.

However, Moran says a flight attendant overheard their conversation and proceeded to quiz Evans about her level of discomfort.

An Emirates spokesperson has defended the crew's actions.

Emirates said in a statement that safety of passengers and crew is paramount importance and they did not wish to endanger Ms Evans by delaying medical help if her condition worsened.

A passenger was removed from an Emirates flight to Dubai for telling her boyfriend she had menstrual pain even though she told officials it was minor and she was fine. "The captain made the decision to request medical support and offload Ms Evans so she could access medical assistance", an airline official said.

The airline's website states passengers with certain medical conditions may not be permitted to fly, but menstrual pain is not one of the conditions listed. "They just contacted a medical team in the United States and they said Beth couldn't fly", he added explaining why it was frustrating.

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