Will the Kim 'charm offensive' diffuse crisis with North Korea?

Mike Pence says the US is open to a discussion with North Korea

Tillerson downplays Pence's suggestion that US is ready to talk with North Korea

He also visited a memorial for South Korean sailors murdered by North Korea in 2010. Though she was sentenced to death, Kim hyon-hui was pardoned by South Korean President Roh Tae-woo, who saw her as a victim of North Korean brainwashing. Traditional delicacies from every part of Korea - North and South - were symbolically served.

"The United States too looks positively at South-North Korean dialogue and has expressed its willingness to start dialogue with the North", Mr. Moon's spokesman, Kim Eui-kyeom, told reporters, according to The New York Times.

Talk of an inter-Korean summit, which would be the first since 2007 if it happened, come after months of tension between Pyongyang, Seoul and Washington over North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes.

"I am aware that some people argue that because North Korea is engaging in dialogue we should reward them", Foreign Minister Taro Kono said before the Games.

KCTV is known for not broadcasting events live, Williams noted, even in the case of major North Korean military parades in the streets of Pyongyang.

South Korea and organizers also have had to perform diplomatic acrobatics of their own to accommodate the visitors without violating economic sanctions aimed at punishing the North for its nuclear and missile development in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

In an interview with the Washington Post after he left Pyeonchang, South Korea, Mr. Pence said that the USA would enter talks without preconditions.

The rest of the world has certainly taken note of North Korea's presence in Pyeongchang.

South Korea's president Moon Jae-in sits with Kim Yo-jong and North Korea's ceremonial head of state Kim Yong-nam as they watch a concert in Seoul. During his South Korean visit, Vice President Pence met with President Moon and discussed the pressing issues the two countries faced. Moon didn't immediately accept, saying the conditions need to be right and the North needs to engage with the U.S.as well. Throughout 2017, North Korea largely ignored Moon in the hope that it could scare the USA into recognising it as a nuclear power. After South Korean figure skating legend Yuna Kim lit the Olympic flame to get the Games underway, could two visitors from Pyongyang win their nation's first Winter Olympic medal since 1992? Some Americans were frustrated that no mention was made of the sacrifice made by Americans and others in the Korean War, which set the stage for South Korea being free and prosperous while their North Korean neighbors are impoverished and enslaved.

What does the United States make of the North's overtures?

"I just want to see the game, so what's the problem?" This year's Games have not only been a sporting spectacle but a venue for diplomatic overtures from North Korea. "We are using maximum pressure on North Korea in various ways". He said the best-case, and likely, scenario is that all this political warfare will accomplish very little. "I wonder if they are ready and capable of handling rapidly resuming inter-Korean exchanges".

But given conflicting signals in the past from Trump and his aides over diplomacy with North Korea, it remained unclear whether Pence's remarks would mean a shift in United States strategy.

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