'Thirteen Reasons Why' Author Expelled From Writers' Group Over Harassment Charges

Netflix Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations Against'13 Reasons Why Author


He admitted that he was afraid to comment on the situation because he didn't know who is going to believe him. "During the past decade of harassment related to these affairs, I have never once retaliated". I will continue to leave my accusers to their anonymity in order to save them and their families from further hurt'.

Though he was banned from the organization a year ago, this is all coming to light now in part due to the #MeToo movement. More than one commenter on SJW confirmed Asher as the anonymous man she had named in a Medium piece the previous week.

Oliver told BuzzFeed Monday that, after an investigation, "we felt that terminating his [Asher's] membership was the proper course of action".

Lin Oliver, the executive director of the Society, told the Associated Press that he had violated the harassment code in place by the organization. Over the weekend of February 11, those comments called out some prominent male young adult authors including Asher and illustrator David Diaz for using SCBWI conferences and events to sexually harass and assault female authors.

Asher is best known for his novel Thirteen Reasons Why and The Future of Us.

'We are unable to comment on Jay Asher's relationship with SCBWI because we have had no involvement with or knowledge of our author's history with this organization, ' reads the statement from Penguin Young Readers, which now has no plans for new books by Asher. "This letter's objective is not one of vengeance, but rather to make the leadership aware of how Mr. Asher is using SCBWI to lure women into friendships and then affairs", the letter states.

"Jay Asher was not involved in the second season of '13 Reasons Why, '" a Netflix spokesperson told TheWrap on Tuesday. Following Oliver's statement, the Oklahoma Writers' Federation also told the AP that they had canceled a scheduled appearance by Asher.

'The upcoming season will not be impacted in any way'.

The controversy is part of a broader discussion around sexual harassment in USA children's publishing that has arisen following author Anne Ursu's article on the topic, which she posted on publishing platform Medium on 8 February.

Netflix is planning to bring "Thirteen Reasons Why" back in 2018, but hasn't set a date.

The show revolves around the suicide of high school student Hannah Baker, with classmate Clay Jensen reliving the events leading to her death via 13 cassette tapes she recorded in advance. These women were not subordinates of Mr. Asher; they were his peers and they each entered into romantic relationships with him voluntarily, with some initially pursuing him.

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