The art of grooming a Westminster show dog, Norwich terrier-style

UPDATE 1-Top dog to fetch 'Best-in-Show' prize at New York Westminster Show

Westminster Dog Show 2018: Flynn Is Best in Show

They might point out game, like a Pointer, or retrieve game that has been shot, like a Labrador retriever. The breed name is derived from the French phrase meaning "curly lap dog".

"The advantage of a professional handler is they go to shows every weekend", Bisher said.

Hailing from every corner of the United States and coming as far afield as Japan and Russian Federation, some 2,800 dogs will square off starting Monday at the Westminster Dog Show.

By contrast, most top male show dogs can keep competing for years, and it is no coincidence that they also win "Best in Show" in the prestigious annual competition far more often than females, breeders and handlers said as they prepared for this year's show, which opens on Monday, February 12 in NY. For more schedules and details go to

Breeds that were developed to help hunters are classified as sporting dogs. Some handlers charge US$500 per dog, plus expenses, to show at Westminster compared with $150 or $250 at smaller shows.

Before even arriving to the Westminster show venue, Elizabeth Taylor already had a month's worth of grooming prep, including services for both her hair and nails.

Her Frenchies have done well here in the past and often have been "in the ribbons", as dog fanciers like to say. She named the dog Heart for the authors of the 1934 song "Blue Moon", Rodgers and Hart.

Lastly, you also have an option to watch the Dog Show Group competitions from 8 to 11 p.m. ET on Fox Sports 1.

Dogs in the Westminster show compete in a total of seven groups.

To celebrate the big win, Brennan intends to throw a party at Top Dog Obedience School in Flanders, the dog training school where she works.

"Every time I looked at him, he went, 'Hey, lady.' A little waggly tail looking up at me, and he sold himself", judge Betty-Anne Stenmark said after announcing the victor. "She and I mesh very well".

The Westminster Dog Show will be broadcast on three channels with the morning coverage on Fox with supplemental coverage on Nat Geo Wild and evening coverage on FS1. Tuesday is also when one pup will be awarded the coveted Best in Show title.

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