Sunday Sales Legalized Sooner Under Change In Committee

Sunday retail alcohol sales could be just weeks away

Sunday Sales Legalized Sooner Under Change In Committee

IN residents may be able to buy carryout alcohol on Sundays sooner than first expected after a House panel voted Wednesday to move up the effective date of a bill that would overturn the state's Prohibition-era ban on such sales.

Alabama Senator Larry Stutts has introduced a bill in the state Senate that aims to help medical students who will practice in Alabama. The House Public Policy Committee passed the bill with an amendment that would make Sunday sales effective as soon as it's signed into law by Governor Eric Holcomb, instead of waiting until July 1, the start of Indiana's fiscal year.

HB 827 was slightly altered by the Pre-K-12 Quality Subcommittee of the House Education Committee on Education and approved on a 12-1 vote on January 10, 2018; it is now pending with the House Education Committee. "In past years, we haven't been on the right footing financially to provide this support, so now that we're in a better position, I am happy to see this bill moving forward", said Majority Leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton.

The idea to switch to an immediate effective date was jointly devised by state Sen. Those move to the full Senate and will then go to the House. The House could vote as early as next week.

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