Project Fi adds 37 countries to its global coverage options

Above Project Fi You're covered

Above Project Fi You're covered

That number has now increased quite a bit, with Google announcing that Project Fi now officially supports 170 countries.

Google also recently introduced its own version of an unlimited plan for Project Fi. New countries where service is now available include the likes of Belize and Myanmar.

Today, Project Fi is adding more countries, while adding proactive travel alerts based on your emails. The full list is at the bottom of this article. The so-called Bill Protection feature always caps your data bills at a maximum of $60 per month (for individual accounts).

The best part about using Project Fi internationally is that there are no changes to your text and data billing.

You don't have to proactively look up coverage, though.

Google's Project Fi is a terrific concept. The rest of the plan is the same and works like it does in the U.S., and you'll still get unlimited texting and 20 cents per minute phone calls.

The Project Fi app will also let you know if you'll be covered for an upcoming trip.

If you happen to be using a Gmail account to schedule your trip, you don't even need to do any planning in advance as far as your cell service is concerned.

Luckily, Project Fi is running a deal to celebrate the addition of these new countries: score an $80 bill credit with the purchase of any Project Fi-compatible phone from the company's website. If you are traveling to a place that is supported by Project Fi, the official app will send you a notification letting you know you're covered during your travels.

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