Police force backs national knife amnesty

Somerset County Gazette

Suffolk Constabulary join Operation Sceptre campaign to tackle knife crime

Lincolnshire Police has joined a nationwide campaign to tackle knife crime.

"If you have information about the possession of knives or offensive weapons or criminal activity relating to this type of crime, make a report online via the Lancashire Police website".

"Knife bins are being used at nine police stations in Blackpool, Burnley, Preston, Skelmersdale, Morecambe, Fleetwood, Greenbank Blackburn, Chorley and Nelson, during the surrender where people can hand in any knives".

A recent investigation by the Gazette found three pupils aged 12 or under have been caught with knives at schools across South Tyneside in the last two years - but the figure is small compared to the rest of the United Kingdom where the number of young people caught on school premises with blades has risen by more than a third.

"Knife crime is something that I take very seriously".

"You run the risk of up to four-years in prison just for possession, if you use the knife and fatally injure someone, you could receive a life sentence behind bars or, you could be the fatally injured person, and leave your family and loved ones distraught and heartbroken". You can also call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. If you own a risky knife I'd urge you to protect both yourself and those around you by handing it in safely and anonymously.

"As a force our focus is to take a proactive approach to the campaign and we have been visiting local schools and businesses to speak to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of knife crime".

Undercover operations created to root out shops that sell blades to children are also being launched.

Lincolnshire Police reported knife crime has increased by 21% in England and Wales leading to the National Police Chiefs Council creating a targeted week of action starting on 12 February.

In 2017, police in Cleveland received over 460 knife crime related reports.

While knife crime in Lancashire is no worse than many other parts of the country, we are keen to stress that any incident involving a knife could have tragic consequences and destroy lives. Nevertheless, there is still much work to do.

"We must raise awareness of the grave and serious consequences that carrying a knife can have. whether it's carried for "protection" or "status", the fact remains you have a lethal and risky weapon in your possession".

Find out more search #droptheknife.

"Knives are deadly weapons and you will be arrested and prosecuted if you are caught carrying one".

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