Jennifer Garner helps daughters hawk Girl Scout cookies

Two cookies stacked on top of one another the bottom missing a bite-sized piece

Thin Mints one of the best-selling Girl Scout cookies. Image courtesy of Amy Elise via Flickr

Jennifer Garner only joined Instagram a few months ago, but she now has 1 million followers - and several of them are about to be on serious sugar highs.

Peterson says you don't have to buy cookies to enter but you will need a secret code from a girl scout.

The former "Alias" star, 45, showed off her sales chops this weekend, pitching in to help her daughters sell Girl Scout cookies.

When asked about being noticed selling cookies outside of grocery stores, Garner responded: "Nobody cares".

A man walking out of the store is apparently pointing at her.

"Why yes, kind sir, we do have Thin Mints", Garner posted.

"Why yes, kind sir, we do have Thin Mints", Garner captioned the shot of a man pointing at her while she held a homemade "GS Cookies for Sale!", sign, along with a list of the available candies. Please send me your order and your address and I will try to hook you up, ' she continued.

NORTHFIELD - Young girls went home after school Friday, got all dressed up, and headed back ... In 2016, she appeared on "Live With Kelly and Michael" and spoke of her love for baking with her children.

The 2018 Girl Scout cookie-selling season officially kicked off in January, and Girl Scouts have been busy slinging Thin Mints and Samoas across the United States ever since. She denied being a "competitive" cookie salesperson, but admitted she guides the girls on how to sell the most boxes.

"I'm the one telling the girls, you know, 'Try to talk about the gluten-free because they're a dollar more.' Let's have an upsell!"

The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls the skills they need to become effective leaders, manage finances and gain confidence in handling money-skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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