Facebook's own smart speaker: yet another spy for our homes?

Facebook smart speakers leak to push video chat

Facebook smart speakers Aloha and Fiona to launch by July, report says

Facebook is planning to build its own ecosystem for video consumer devices in the next five years, and the smart speaker is just the initial-stage product, with more terminal devices expected to be rolled out in the coming years, industry sources said.

Amazon's Echo Show lists for $229.99 and is now on sale for $179.99. The two smart home speaker models, code-named Aloha and Fiona, will both have this type of screen with touch-sensors.

Facebook is rumored to have been working on a smart speaker with a touchscreen since previous year.

Facebook's smart speaker will join an increasingly crowded market that's dominated by Amazon's Echo devices and Google Home speakers.

The 15-inch in-cell touchscreen panels will be sourced from LG display, while Pegatron will be the sole contract assembler of both of the Building 8 designed devices.

As per another report, Facebook was earlier chose to launch the speakers in the month of May because for perfecting the acoustic quality of the devices and their software modification, they rescheduled the launch date.

Finally, the report notes that the speakers will be launched "in July at the latest", although no exact release date has been given.

The devices won't be Echo or HomePod lookalikes.

Facebook's smart speakers will be launching by July and are code named Aloha and Fiona, DigiTimes reported Wednesday.

The Aloha model will be marketed under the name Portal and use voice commands along with facial recognition to access Facebook, according to the report. A wide-angle lens on the front of the device will be able to recognize users. When Apple released its Siri-powered smart speaker, many applauded its sound quality.

But it now seems that Facebook is doubling down on its efforts to create an Echo rival, and may in fact launch two speakers. Facebook wants its smart speakers to have a display that will be useful in video chats and various social features of its platform.

It's undeniable though, that the smart speaker can be an awesome addition to our homes, for both making our lives easier and impressing our guests.

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