Black Panther: Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige On The Importance Of Representation

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Marvel's Kevin Feige Understands How Important Black Panther Is For On-Screen Representation

It's because of this that it's important for us to applaud projects like Black Panther.

Necessarily, Chadwick Boseman plays its role as the new king torn on what he should do, and on the legacy of the black panther and his father, but it is especially the small world that revolves around him that makes the film so alive. In the new Black Panther movie, we see T'Challa donning a new and improved suit that utilises all the properties that vibranium has to offer.

Fair or not, Black Panther isn't just another movie. He got particularly emotional talking about his relationship with two young cancer patients, who died before the film's release. I felt that excitement from outside, from people who saw the last movie, and I definitely feel like there's an excitement within Marvel, that there's something special that they can do with this. But at the end of the day you just want them to be like "Wow". But seeing how the world has taken this on, I realize they anticipated something great.

ANGELA BASSETT ON PLAYING A QUEEN [Excerpt]: "When Angela Bassett received the call from [director] Coogler asking if she would play T'Challa's stepmother, Queen Ramona, she had never heard of the character". I imagine that her mom would say that to her and then she'd have to just be like, "You know what, mom, I wanna do this". I did find it mesmerizing and eager to absorb every tidbit handed out. Eventually, he concluded, "yeah it means a lot". As Black Panther and the Central Intelligence Agency chase him though, he gets away only to wind up dead in Wakanda.

Here's more info about the DLC as outlined in the press release: "Set within the Kingdom of Wakanda, players will take the legendary Wakandan Super Hero and his sister Shuri on a risky mission within the darkest depths of their homeland, battling mutated creatures and arch-nemesis Erik Killmonger's vicious army".

"We had to take into account that some things that happened in the 1960s weren't really appropriate for the world of today". But I felt secure in the fact that it was going in the right direction and that there was a lot of ground covered that, in my mind, I wanted to be covered. While you plan out your trip to one of these places, why don't you go ahead and guess where this fellow Marvel fan of yours would want to go? I knew that, yeah, they're going to make a film about it, but I didn't think I would go up for it.

The Black Panther debuted on January 29 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

What's that you say?

So, Clay-Dingle set up a Go Fund Me page and sudents also sold hot dogs and pretzels.

Marvel Studios' "Black Panther" hits theaters on Friday February 16, 2018.

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