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Arie took Becca K on the first date. They wouldn't have to get married right away, he told her. But thinking logically won't get you anywhere on this show, Jacqueline. According to the spokesperson, the 22-year-old nanny from Fresno, Calif. had gone to Humboldt County to work on a marijuana farm but hadn't contacted her mother since November 12.

"I just had this weird feeling like on the sixth or seventh day, I need to go home now." she explained. You can always friend her on Facebook.

As viewers, the next thing we saw was Arie sitting back down at the table, not really offering any reason for his exit, and then. dropping the L bomb?! Seriously, has this man ever weeded a garden or gotten a paper cut? Honestly, she's too good for him anyway.

When Arie returned, Lauren told him he seemed "off". Later she tells Bekah what she says, adding, "at the end of the day, he is looking for his wife".

Martinez previously joked about the incident on Twitter, prior to her elimination from the show. And then a tip came in from an unlikely source.

Lauren was thrilled to get the rose and she and Arie smooched with abandon. She was anxious she'd end up married to Arie in Scottsdale and "wonder how did I get here?"

Arie was still making "Can I meet her family?" noises in his confessional (give the guy credit for following his script), but Becca put all faux doubts to rest at dinner by telling Arie she was falling for him and could see a future with him. Dude, don't pick up the rose if you're not giving it away.

When Bekah M heard that Arie had sent Seinne packing, she beamed with glee. Her odds improved with Seinne out of the picture. But Bekah M's happy dance drew disapproving stares from the other contestants, namely Lauren B and Tia. Her experience on The Bachelor remains a surreal one, though, and after telling Kimmel that she had wanted to go on the show for years, she admitted that her elimination has been hard.

But Bekah's position became tenuous after Arie gave Kendall a rose. Bekah explains that she hates feeling like she's misunderstood, but he reassures her that's not the case.

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