Stories are now part of Google Search because you can't escape them

Google Offers New Mobile Story Tech to Publishers

Google Search Testing AMP Stories Format: What Is This?

Google is testing its own version of the stories feature popularized by apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

"Today, we're bringing the power of AMP to email through the Gmail Developer Preview of AMP for Email - a new way for developers to make emails more interactive and engaging", said Sahney. That's where AMP stories sets itself apart.

AMP Story is the new AMP format and it was today announced by Google, in the AMP Conference in Amsterdam, Europe.

At the ongoing AMP Conf 2018 in Amsterdam, Google showcased a new format of storytelling that may change the way users consume content in the coming times.

"AMP stories are built on the technical infrastructure of AMP to provide a fast, handsome experience on the mobile web", said Rudy Galfi, product manager for AMP at Google, in a blog post.

AMP for Email is an open source spec, and Google is encouraging developers build on its capabilities, as companies including Pinterest, and Doodle have.

Some big names in publishing were involved in the development, including Vox Media, Condé Nast, Meredith Corporation, and CNN. In the demo links, Google wants us to search for brands and it shows visual stories at the top before search results. Additionally, techniques like pre-renderable pages optimized video loading and caching can be used to optimize the content delivery to visitors. With that part of AMP being quite successful (if not always beloved) now, Google is looking to take AMP beyond these basic stories.

The Stories appear in slides, and you can navigate forward and backward by tapping the appropriate edge of your device's screen.

To access AMP stories, visit on your smartphone.

"The mobile web is great for distributing and sharing content, but mastering performance can be tricky", it added.

Even once tooling is available, though, publishers will have to create AMP stories from scratch. That means various layout templates with standardized UI controls, which should help both publishers to get up to speed making AMP Stories and readers figure out the typical way to navigate through them.

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