Kevin Durant helping create scripted basketball-themed drama

Kevin Durant's Latest Online Video Project Is A Scripted Show For Apple

Apple Developing Series Based on NBA Star Kevin Durant From Imagine Television

Apple is ready to explore the world of basketball with Kevin Durant. The producer chatted with the Golden State Warriors forward on a friend's yacht and and the two agreed to meet again in Los Angeles.

The new series will be inspired by Durant's youth basketball experiences, including amateur leagues and families dealing with the opportunities and problems of the richer professional leagues. The drama series will be called "Swagger", and though few details about the series are specific, it seems to follow his path through the basketball world as a young boy in Maryland. Durant described being courted by apparel brands and scouts from the age of 12, and how his mother, "a long-range thinker" carefully guided his future. "It has the same things".

Brian Grazer, who was an executive producer on Friday Night Lights, will also serve as a producer for Durant's television show. In January, Durant partnered with YouTube to create new and innovative sports programming after his personal video channel drew more than 600,000 subscribers with over 2 million views in his most popular video, in less than nine months. "We want to tell these stores on as many platforms as possible".

Apple's slate is a mix of straight-to-series orders as well as projects, which are being developed for straight-to-series consideration.

Kevin Durant's life will soon be turned into a scripted television show, with tech giant Apple taking the reigns. An untitled space race drama from Ron Moore, the drama "See" from Steven Knight and Francis Lawrence, and the immigrant anthology series "Little America" are also in the works.

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