SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch A Success

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch A Success

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch A Success

Though widely acclaimed, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has taken some flak over the launch, with one particularly po-faced Guardian piece calling it a waste of resources. As its name suggests, its goal is to search for asteroids heading toward Earth.

However, several commentators refuting the alien life claims said that the mysterious object is probably human-made space junk, or maybe a satellite or something falling away from the rocket. With the successful launch, the Heavy became the most powerful rocket flying today.

SpaceX and Tesla founder Musk marked the launch of "the most powerful rocket in the world by a factor of two" by including his Tesla Roadster sports auto in the payload. The rocket was trying to launch a Tesla auto into orbit around Mars.

The Tesla roadster now heading for the red planet. But many on the internet say the image could be of an satellites that are revolving the earth.

Musk said he doesn't plan to fly people on the Heavy _ that will mainly be used to launch supersize satellites.

"Even if the vehicle will be able to avoid any serious collisions, it is unlikely that he will not face the micrometeorites and other space debris", said Professor of chemistry Indiana University William Carroll.

Rocket recycling is the key to SpaceX's launch cost-cutting strategy. He said the company is still on track to launch astronauts in a SpaceX Dragon capsule, aboard a Falcon 9 rocket, at the end of this year. The rocket got into space without any problems.

SpaceX is competing with Boeing to be the first to send Americans into orbit from US soil again, something that hasn't happened since NASA's last shuttle flight. We've had news of Airbus UK leading a new space weather warning project, academics in the United States helping NASA recreate Titan's methane seas, and an worldwide programme to use space technology to solve global challenges.

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