New Splatoon 2 Amiibo, Map, and Weapon Coming Soon

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Splatoon 2's Pearl and Marina Getting Their Own amiibo

News of new amiibo figures has been pretty scarce recently. First, there was the well-received announcement of Pearl and Marina joining the amiibo world earlier this morning, and now we've learned that players have some in-game additions coming soon.

Do you plan on picking up the Pearl and Marina Amiibo two-pack? Like Callie and Marie before them, everyone loves them as the broadcasters of Inkopolis News and Splatfest events. The "Off the Hook" Splatoon 2 band appeared at the NicoNico Tokaigi. The reveal comes at the same time Pearl and Marina performed a live hologram concert.

Splatoon 2 has continued to receive a steady amount of content since its debut back in 2017, with new weapons, regular competitions between two teams (ketchup or mayo, etc.) and plenty of fans excited to play more. The new set of dualies, the Dark Tetra Dualies, will also release soon.

Stay tuned, squid kids, for we'll be sure to continue reporting any and all ink-splattered happenings that hit the scene in the coming days. We don't know when the pair will release or what they'll unlock, but we do know they'll come in a 2-pack for $24.99.

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