Eagles OT Johnson takes parting shot at Patriots

Out of Home Count Adds 12M Super Bowl Viewers

South Jersey residents attend Eagles parade in droves

Just ask former Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Butler, who was benched for last Sunday's big game against Philadelphia. They've won for a long time. Maybe it's that "fear based" organization he speaks of.

While the future may be murky in Foxborough for the first time in almost two decades, it couldn't be brighter in Philadelphia. They won the time possession battle by almost 9 minutes.

"They're (the Patriots) successful, but when they go to interviews, they act like (expletive) robots". The Eagles had a few tricks down their sleeve and they worked as a trick play set up Nick Foles for a receiving touchdown. "That's valuable, because they'll lose some pieces to free agency by then". They're thinking about getting on track for the season.

Before Sunday, many would have predicted the world ending before the Eagles won the Super Bowl. The point was how pervasive the underdog mentality was for everyone on the team, from a nine-time Pro-Bowler like Peters that some deemed too old to a coach like Pederson that many adjudged too inexperienced. To gain 613 yards against an elite defense is a major accomplishment. I think that the Cooks injury hurt the offense, as he would have helped the Patriots have some more explosive plays. Defensively, this was the worst game I had ever seen the Patriots play. Elliott's record-setting field goal a short while later pushed the Philly lead to 8, and the Patriots took over again with just 65 seconds remaining in regulation - and were in their own red zone. The stock goes up in August or say Week 2 in September. The Patriots could not get a stop to save their life. "Time" docu-series on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, said on Friday that the Eagles' defeat of the favored Patriots caused the producers of the series to "pause and recalibrate" before releasing the sixth and final episode.

For those who want to watch, you can do that on the series' Facebook page. "You are the most passionate and deserving sports fans on the planet".

The future of the Eagles looks bright in my opinion.

We asked you to show us your Eagles love - and just like your favorite team, you came through. Foles matched Brady throw-for-throw on the following possession, and the Eagles kept the Patriots at an arm's length. They can either keep him as a backup or trade him for some value. However, the doubts started to creep in when their star quarterback Carson Wentz suffered a knee injury, sidelining him for the rest of the season.

While we contemplate whether this could be the twilight of the Patriots dynasty, we're also greeted with the possibility that we could be witnessing the dawn of a new championship era in Philadelphia. Overall, the futures of these two teams are bright.

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