President Trump Tweets That He Has Signed Spending Bill

US federal shutdown at hand after fiscal hawk's dissent

Lawmakers press to reopen government, pass huge budget deal

The House and Senate passed the bill in votes after the midnight deadline, resulting in a soft overnight shutdown that allowed most government operations to continue uninterrupted.

The young people were brought illegally to the country as children years ago, mostly from Mexico.

The US government staggered into another shutdown on Thursday night after an outspoken fiscal conservative in the Senate singlehandedly delayed action by Congress on a stopgap funding bill wrapped up in a massive budget deal. Paul noted that he and many in his party railed against deficit when Democrats held the White House, but now seemed willing to look the other way with Republicans in control. A senior administration official had said Trump would sign the bill before noon but was unlikely to do so before 9 a.m., when federal employees would be back at work.

Paul voted for the deficit-financed tax bill in December. That omission largely explains why a quarter of Senate Democrats and two-thirds of House Democrats voted no, and why immigration now because the next battle.

The bill includes huge spending increases sought by Republicans for the Pentagon, along with a big boost demanded by Democrats for domestic agencies. In January, after a three-day closure, Senate Democrats secured from GOP leaders the promise of a debate and vote on a deal to protect the younger immigrants from deportation. And that is likely to make the next fight over immigration even more challenging.

Rand Paul, protesting the return of trillion-dollar deficits on the watch of Republicans controlling Washington, blocked a vote on the approximately $400 billion spending measure, which is married to a six-week temporary funding bill need to prevent the shutdown and provide time to implement the budget pact.

"Now we have Republicans hand in hand with Democrats offering us trillion-dollar deficits". Protection for the Dreamers under former President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, expires next month.

The deal suspends a 2011 budget law championed by conservatives that set hard caps on discretionary spending and included an automatic trigger known as "sequester" cuts if Congress attempted to bust those spending caps.

The bill now moves to the House. The plan could demoralize some Republican voters, hurting the party's efforts to keep its majorities in the House and Senate, they said. "I think we will", he said in a radio interview.

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