North Korea invites South's president to Pyongyang

Day three in South Korea North to the DMZ

North Korea invites South's president to Pyongyang

Looking on from the dignitaries box: South Korean president Moon Jae-in and, three seats away, Kim Yo-jong, the sister of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un. She's the first family member of the Kim dynasty to set foot in the south.

The first summit was in June 2000 between Kim Dae-jung, a proponent of the so-called Sunshine Policy, and Kim Jong Il.

Despite the powerful North Korean delegation, seated alongside South Korean leader Moon Jae-in, and the North's vocal cheerleading squad, the Koreans were no match for the Swiss in only their second match together.

It was the USA that appeared to be the one left in the cold, especially after the sister of the North Korean dictator extended an invitation from her brother for Moon to visit the North.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un's younger sister Kim Yo Jong arrives at Incheon International Airport, South Korea, in this photo taken by Kyodo February 9, 2018.

Winter Olympics officials have confirmed the games were hit by a cyber-attack during the opening ceremony - but have refused to confirm rumours in Pyeongchang that Russian Federation was responsible.

"I've never seen an Olympics firsthand, so I'm looking forward to the opening ceremony because that's always impressive".

It is also a validating accomplishment for President Moon, who has been advocating for increased dialogue and engagement with North Korea to reduce the potential for conflict in the region, since he was elected in May of 2017.

"I am open to any form of meeting, including a summit, if these are necessary to improve inter-Korean relations and resolve the North Korean nuclear issue", Moon told more than 200 reporters at the Blue House in January. Instead of eating with Moon and the other dignitaries, Pence ate with the American athletes.

"We have to be wise, because North Koreans are politically and diplomatically very clever".

On the ice, South Korean and North Korean women skated in the same white uniform, the word "Korea" emblazoned in Latin script across a light blue map of the Korean peninsula.

Jarrod Agen, the vice president's spokesman, on Saturday tweeted a recap of Pence's visit so far.

The Winter Olympics has thrust Kim Yo-jong into the spotlight. In his New Year address, leader Kim Jong Un demanded a stop to the exercises.

The Trump administration, and successive American administrations before it, has insisted that North Korea must give up its nuclear weapons program if it wants to be treated as part of the global community.

Despite Pence's remarks, the current administrations in Washington and Seoul have at times adopted contrasting tones when it comes to North Korea.

Already there have been concerns that North Korea's overture of the sports diplomacy is an indirect attempt by the regime to wedge a rift between the US and South Korea.

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