Google reaches agreement with Getty Images to display its content in Search

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Photo Finish: Frenemies Google and Getty Images Team on Licensing Deal

Getty has since dropped its complaint, noting that Google joined its conversations with photographers and publishers on how image searches could better feature attribution information.

Getty had been rather annoyed with Google for years, accusing the company of essentially stealing their images for its search engine.

Getty Images yesterday announced a multi-year licensing partnership with Google.

Google already has the option for searches to filter images by their licensing rights, but these new changes should help make it more clear when a copyrighted photo is being displayed.

The changes were reportedly decided on through a partnership between Google and the stock photo agency Getty Images, which has been lodging "anti-competitive" complaints against Google in the US and European Union for making high-resolution stock photos easily downloadable through Google Images.

The partnership will hopefully curtail such complaints in the future. Effective immediately, the agreement will enable Google to improve the way it accredits the original contributors.

Airey also added, "with this landmark achievement, we can move forward with a strong partner to deliver innovative ways to access creative and editorial content online".

The agreement goes into effect quickly and Google isn't wasting time when it comes to using the stock photo company's content.

Have you used any stock photos from Getty?

"This agreement between Getty Images and Google sets the stage for a very productive, collaborative relationship between our companies", said Dawn Airey, CEO, Getty Images. Are you excited to see the partnership with Google?

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