Roadster Starman Has Run-in with Russian Astronauts in Hilarious Spoof

Musk space car is in deep trouble

Roadster Starman Has Run-in with Russian Astronauts in Hilarious Spoof

Of course, the mission for Falcon Heavy wasn't to promote a auto, but including a Roadster with Starman, and streaming the view from space certainly helped the Tesla brand.

Test vehicles usually carry concrete or steel blocks, the newpaper reported, but Musk said that would be "extremely boring".

Beyond economic benefits, the Falcon Heavy launch, complete with side boosters that safely landed, showcased technology that could one day help US and allied troops — especially at a time when there are frictions with countries like Russian Federation and China, which possess the capabilities of jamming communications and, potentially, much worse.

Falcon Heavy is big, he said, but SpaceX needs a rocket "way bigger than that".

On Tuesday, the Falcon Heavy rocket blasted off Earth from Cape Canaveral with some interesting cargo: a Starman mannequin wearing a SpaceX suit, sitting behind the wheel of a red Tesla Roadster. It's also signed up to deliver a payload for the U.S. Air Force sometime this year.

Despite production struggles, Tesla reiterated its cosmic ambitions to launch the next-gen Roadster in 2020, touting it as the "fastest auto in the world", which will put to rest "any debate about the limitations of electric vehicles". "I have 30 years of experience in the business, billionaires have changed the game", said Sowers, the former chief scientist for United Launch Alliance, a Boeing and Lockheed Martin joint venture and SpaceX competitor. In a more multipolar world it's the private sector that's raced ahead, its ambitions and audacity leaving government programmes behind. Customers may be hard to come by for the Falcon Heavy.

One of Musk's key takeaways from the Falcon Heavy's successful flight?

"We do hope that we'll also be beneficiaries of the work of this branch". When Falcon Heavy was first announced back in 2011, Musk said it could fly within the next couple of years.

Analysts said first impressions of the company's results were upbeat. If development of the BFR is delayed - as Musk's projects have a tendency to be - certifying the Falcon Heavy for crewed mission could still be an option.

Meanwhile, it is interesting and hopeful that it is not related to NASA because it helps prove the importance of space travel and exploration. But the rocket needed a dummy payload, and a sports auto against the backdrop of Earth is a damn sight more dramatic than a block of concrete.

'The Falcon Heavy's boosters disengaged, and had to land safely on landing pads with pin-point accuracy, ' Colbert shouted with excitement.

The launch generated a huge amount of interest online, and Mr Musk shared regular updates with his 18.9m followers.

During that time, a lot of progress been made in increasing the capability of smaller rockets - including SpaceX's own Falcon 9 - and reducing the size of satellites. The company said in February a year ago that the rocket would send two people on a trip around the moon, but Musk said there's been a change of plans. It's kind of silly and fun, but I think that silly, fun things are important.

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