New Samsung Galaxy S9 leak reveals new features

Samsung Galaxy S9 bucks an unwelcome trend and leaves the headphone jack intact

Galaxy S9 could pair with this rebooted Samsung accessory

As we can see, the Galaxy S9 can be placed horizontally on the new cradle, so users can still use the screen of the machine without any difficulty.

Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ launch is set for February 25 in Barcelona, ahead of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), scheduled to start from February 26.

Another thing is the image also accidentally confirmed Galaxy S9 owns a design quite similar to the Galaxy S8 at least on the front and the bottom of the headphones still have 3.5 mm. As Blass points out in a separate tweet, Samsung doesn't really have a lot of options when it comes to creating a dock - in this case referred to as the "DeX Pad" - that also lays your phone flat, thereby allowing you to use it as a touch pad.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will remain one of the very few high-end smartphones on the market that still incorporates a headphone jack. The DeX Pad is also reportedly backwards compatible with the Galaxy S8.

The leaked DeX Pad, the probable successor to last year's DeX, can be utilised to convert the Galaxy S9 into a touchpad or keyboard for a PC. The Dex Pad seems to be an upgrade over that. Images show the DeX Pad includes additional USB ports, a full-size HDMI port and a USB Type-C port for power. Rumours suggest a brand new camera design that allows the Galaxy S9 to physically switch between two apertures, it's believed.

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