Kingdom Hearts III has a Monsters Inc

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Shows Monsters Inc World, New Gameplay Details Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gets Two New Trailers, Release Date Announcement At E3 2018

At D23 in Japan this morning, Disney unveiled a brand new world and some gameplay details for Kingdom Hearts 3. They have also shared two new trailers for the game one featuring the Monsters Inc world and introducing Marluxia and Vanitas, while the other trailer reveals the new Utada theme song for Kingdom Hearts 3 and also has some new footage mixed with it.

This new trailer showcases Goofy, Donald, and Sora on an adventure in the world of Monsters, Inc.

World. This news came via a new trailer for the game which also sees Mike and Sully joining in on the action. Square Enix has been kicking around ideas for Kingdom Hearts III as far back as 2006. Each section will have bout 3 worlds each but the developer stated that this does not mean there are only nine worlds within the game. The Kingdom Hearts Twitter account teased an appearance at the expo, leading many to speculate whether another trailer or even a release date could be revealed in Tokyo. The early phase worlds are 90 percent complete, while middle section worlds are at around 60 percent. The release date for Kingdom Hearts III has not yet been set, but multiple sources are confirming that E3 2018 will be the spot that Square Enix finally gives this long-awaited title a concrete date. He added: "It is bound to surprise everyone". Many fans may have been hoping to see a release date at the end of the new trailer, but only got the 2018 release window for the game.

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