Billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX launches Falcon rocket in test debut in Florida

Space X rocket Taken

Space X rocket Taken

Now that the Tesla was launched into space, does that make it the fastest auto ever?

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) provided some important updates to its Model 3 production schedule this week, including how many it aims to produce by the end of the first and second quarters. All told, Tesla lost $675.4 million, spent $787 million during that business quarter, losing a grand total of $1.96 billion in 2017.

Musk revealed his most recent plan at a conference in Australia previous year. The auto will occupy this orbit, says Elon Musk, for the next billion years or so.

SHIFTING TARGETS: Tesla delivered 103,181 vehicles previous year, up 35 percent over 2016 and ahead of its targets.

It is hoped the auto will be thrown into an elliptical orbit that stretches out to Mars' orbit around the Sun. So in order to convert young Tesla evangelists into Tesla customers, the company had to make a auto that was affordable to those whose salaries and savings accounts didn't justify the steep price tag of a Model S or X. Tesla also said reservations for the vehicle remain "stable" despite the delays, but it didn't give a total.

Tesla has a recurring problem of missing key production deadlines, delivering just half of the cars analysts expected last month, yet its stock price until this week has generally climbed despite the delays and negative cash flow.

The Spacex CEO had billed the take-off as a risky first attempt, saying the challenges of building the Roadster meant the chances of success might only be 50-50. The package requires Tesla, which is worth a little less than $60 billion now, to grow in $50 billion leaps to a staggering $650 billion market capitalization over the next decade.

In classic Musk style, the BFR began its life as a concept with a vulgar name and lofty goals.

"I think that Tesla has a leg up when it comes to technology in the minds of people, and I think that's especially critical when it comes to millennials", Anand said.

However, keeping positive, SpaceX said, "Even if we do not complete all of the experimental milestones that are being attempted during this test, we will still be gathering critical data". All that costs money, which Tesla is burning through at a fast clip. The California-based company has just released its 2017 fourth quarter sales results and the numbers were not surprising. "Other auto companies have trouble installing a navigation system than can connect to your phone", Adamson said.

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