Fla. pair accused of convincing boy he had cancer to collect donations

OCSO Couple Told 13-year-old He Was Going to Die to Make Money from Fundraisers

Florida couple convinced boy he had fatal cancer to collect donations: report

- Authorities say a Florida couple lied to their 13-year-old son about having brain cancer so they could use his fictitious illness to raise money for nonexistent medical expenses.

Ginny I. Long, 34, and Robert E. Long, 47, were arrested Thursday, the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office said in a press release on Facebook.

Ginny and Robert Long ran a T-shirt fundraiser for the child's illness at his school past year.

The sheriff's office started investigating in November when suspicions arose that the suspects were exploiting the victim for financial gain. In a post on December 28, investigators say Irovando claimed it was a miracle the boy had lived three days past Christmas and that only God knew when he was supposed to go.

Evidently, Dawson's medical records revealed that he did not actually have cancer and that the supposed brain tumors do not exist.

The boy shared with the Oklaloosa County Sheriff's Office that his mother told him back in may that he would die from brain cancer. "He says it scared him and he didn't like to talk about it".

But she could not prove that he had any tumours and the boy's physician told investigators that he did not have cancer of any sort, say police.

Prominent tragedies have also proven to present opportune times for those looking to deceive others-like the woman who raised thousands of dollars after faking a brain injury from the Boston Marathon bombings or the many people who set up fake fundraising accounts in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

The couple was arrested Thursday at their home on Scottwood Drive.

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