Google forms AI team in France for health, science, and art research

Tony Estanguet today pitched to business leaders on Paris 2024

Google is building an AI research team in France

"They will publish their research and open-source the code they produce, so that everyone can use these insights to solve their own problems, in their own way".

As part of the expansion, the company's Paris office will also be increased by 6,000 square meters to house the thousand Google employees that will be based there.

But Google isn't the only company growing its AI presence.

Facebook has pledged to invest Euro 10 million in its Paris artificial intelligence (AI) lab by 2022.

The AI lab in Paris was opened in 2015, but now Facebook said it's investing money in expanding the centre. Last year, both Google and Facebook opened AI labs in Canada. President Emmanuel Macron has expressed an eagerness to develop France into a leader in AI innovation and is expected to announce a national AI strategy soon, Bloomberg reports.

"The different achievements in this country, including in science, art and the academic field make it an ideal place for the creation of a center of theoretical research in artificial intelligence", Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said in a statement. "We hope these new investments will help the country, academia and local businesses turn France into a true digital champion".

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