Former Smiths Members Reunite for Orchestral Concerts

The Smiths

Three members of The Smiths have announced their reunion

Bob Riley, CEO Manchester Camerata, said "For us, it's all about the sound, energy and live performance of an orchestra".

Classically Smiths shows will feature Smiths songs, but without Morrissey waving gladioli in the air or Marr's inventive guitar playing.

The success of Pete Tong's 2015 Ibiza Prom, combining thumping beats and the 60-piece Heritage Orchestra, has revived the concept of symphonic arrangements of contemporary songs. They have announced shows in Manchester (June 28), London (June 29) and Edinburgh (July 2), with a full United Kingdom tour expected to follow later this year.

Drummer Mike Joyce said he was "massively excited" to play with his Smiths bandmates again and that the orchestral accompaniment took their sound to "another level".

"There'll be Smiths classics in the set, but I can't wait to play the songs that have never been heard live before", Joyce told Manchester Evening News.

"With the addition of an orchestra, it will sound as totally unique as it will vast".

However, as Rolling Stone report, not only did Rourke never say that, but he has also denied any involvement in the project whatsoever.

Some men will be standing on a stage calling themselves an approximation of The Smiths again this year, although, with the best will in the world, it's not quite the blockbuster reunion the music world both desperately wants and also doesn't really want at all.

Gannon said: "When using an orchestra with a band, there are so many different approaches you can take". We are very excited to be collaborating with members of epic Manchester band The Smiths who were undoubtedly one of the most influential and inspirational bands of the 20th century.

On Saturday, we reported how fans of The Smiths were eagerly awaiting news of an upcoming collaboration with some of the group's former members following a cryptic image shared on Facebook.

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