What Happens In A Government Shutdown?

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Factbox: Big-ticket items at centre of US Congress spending bill

Fort Campbell officials said a shutdown would likely involve the furlough of some civilian government service employees.

Most employees at other departments and agencies, such as the Department of Education, the National Transportation Safety Board and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, are furloughed, which means that ongoing investigations and programs will be temporarily halted.

The shutdown could still be avoided. Boehner survived the shutdown but stepped down two years later amid conflict with the hard-right House Freedom Caucus. And who are the political winners and losers?

During the shutdown in 2013, however, Congress passed legislation to ensure troops received payment.

A government shutdown is no new concept.

The House passed a stopgap spending measure on Thursday that would keep the government funded through February 16.

The Senate, which was controlled by Democrats, rejected both measures. And protestors descended on a Senate office building, demanding the Republicans agree to an immigration bill.

As far as how they prepare for a shutdown, Doughman said they're actually not allowed to do a whole lot of planning, though he does have a folder in his desk labeled "shutdown". "The bigger question is how long it lasts".

President Donald Trump and Congress are careening toward a partial shutdown of the federal government. A shutdown may sound like fun and games, but it's all a good time until the entire country starts losing billions of dollars.

Become a new National Institutes of Health patient: Unless the NIH director steps in, the agency wouldn't take new patients during a government shutdown. That's what happened in 2013 (and what would happen again now). But FEMA itself doesn't remain totally operating during a shutdown; more than 3,000 of FEMA's employees would be suspended, according to the Homeland Security Department's plans for a government shutdown.

There are 360,000 federal workers in the DMV region, according to the Federal Reserve. The National Park Service will also close down, so if you're planning on finally making that pilgrimage to Yosemite, keep a sharp eye on what's going on.

Government activities that sharply reduce or delay services or close down altogether include visitor access to national parks, monuments and museums; passport applications; mortgage approvals; government data reporting; oil and gas drilling applications; processing of small business loans; and applications for firearms permits. And numerous other services across federal agencies were delayed, because hundreds of thousands of workers were furloughed. In 2013, 50 workers at the Defense Supply Center Columbus were furloughed.

The 850,000 figure amounts to less than half of the federal civilian workforce of 2 million.

Still, agencies are making plans just in case they have to send some workers home.

How much did this cost the economy? The Postal Service, which is self-funded, will keep delivering the mail. The U.S. government shutdown prompted growing concern of wider economic consequences when it stretched into a third day on Thursday, and President Barack Obama challenged Republicans to "end this farce" by calling a straight vote on a spending bill.

Who won and who lost? Polls at the time showed that Americans thought Republicans were more to blame for the crisis than Democrats.

One Republican lawmaker may have gained politically by the shutdown, however.

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