U.S. senator stands by 's***hole' account, Trump says 'totally misrepresented'

Former UN Ambassador Samantha Power

Former UN Ambassador Samantha Power

The president addressed the issue as he arrived for dinner at his private golf club with the House majority leader Kevin McCarthy of California.

Trump and Congressional Republicans are seeking increased funds for border security and changes to the lottery and "chain migration" programs in exchange for providing permanent protection for "Dreamers" in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Trump, who has taken a hard stance against illegal immigration, announced past year that he will end the program unless Congress comes up with a solution by March. He also apparently said he wants to exclude Haiti from an immigration reform deal. Negative things were said about Haitians coming to the United States, the president was talking - and I think this is a tell, if you will, 'We need more people from Norway, ' he said.

Durbin is a Democrat, which in the eyes of some makes his account suspect.

"Whilst we do not deny that some African heads of states' medieval leadership qualities that have further enslaved rather than free their citizens from both political and economic bondage, Mr. Trump as American President should be the last person to denigrate African nations on a generalisation".

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the country illegally as children - so-called "Dreamers" - face deportation unless a compromise can be reached that would grant them rights to stay.

Ivana Trump, who was married to Donald Trump from 1977 to 1992, said the pair remain friends and she still talks to him on the phone, mostly about the kids and holidays. Dick Durbin. Durbin says Trump used a vulgarity disparaging African countries.

Trump's solid following of 40 percent of the country has heard it all before and continues to be grateful to have a president who doesn't perform childish PC histrionics, whatever his other foibles. At one point, he even called Trump a "genius" for tapping into the fear of white Americans by forcing them to talk about issues concerning race.

Suddenly, "we do not recall" clarified into a full-throated denial that the comments occurred at all, and an accusation that Durbin had committed a "gross misrepresentation".

Trump won the chicken game with his ostensible partisan colleagues in Congress, after the collapse of the Russian-collusion argument based on the spurious Steele dossier commissioned and paid for by the Clinton campaign ($10 million), and then cited by Democrats as objective evidence of Trump's treason. They made a life, they started a business and they gave me a chance.

Sens. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, and Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, thought they had a deal before the White House meeting, according to news reports. Some say Trump did not use the word.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) speaks to reporters following a vote on Capitol Hill on January 11, 2018 in Washington.

Trump's denial was supported in separate appearances on Sunday news programs by Republican senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia.

"I don't know if there was some other recording device that was being used within the Oval Office".

Nielsen did dispute, however, Trump's assertion that DACA was "probably dead". "But the general remarks - yes - I'd like to have a transcript, because everyone is putting so much weight on this to see exactly what was said in what ways, but the general tenor of the discussion has been reported accurately".

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