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The two Koreas have made great progress in their relations, with several agreements reached regarding North Korea's participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Recent inter-Korean talks on a joint participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics has led to many agreements between South and North Korea.

Referring to a detailed peace-making agreement between the rival countries announced Thursday by South Korea's Unification Ministry, including a joint team in the women's hockey tournament, Adams said it was "great. but these are discussions" - meaning the International Olympic Committee had not yet given the deal the final green light.

North Korea was expected to send an advance team led by the head of North Korea's most popular propaganda pop band to the South for the weekend to hammer out the details for performances during the Olympics, but the North canceled at the last minute without providing a reason. North Korea missed an October 31 deadline to accept invitations from South Korea and the International Olympic Committee to join the games.

"We believe the North will hold a military parade on February 8, the day before the sporting event starts, to mark the anniversary of the birth of its regular forces", an unidentified South Korean government source told Yonhap.

But further ballistic missile testing isn't all Kim Jong Un's regime is continuing to pursue, despite seemingly warming relations with their neighbor to the south and tightening sanctions imposed by the United Nations.

These are the first high-level talks between the two Koreas in more than two years. And the prospect of crowds from North and South Korea cheering together would be a striking contrast to the threats of war from Trump.

This clearly shows China views the North as a security asset. Normally North Korea celebrates the army anniversary on April 25, so it is blatantly obvious what it is up to.

"If we unify our team with the North's, it won't necessarily improve our team's strength very much", Moon said.

In addition the USA has imposed its own sanctions, which would punish any individual or company in the world which does business with North Korea. South Korea will try to sort out the situation via the inter-Korean hotlines.

While the overall number of North Korean athletes has yet to be decided, the existing South Korean ice hockey squad of 22 players will have to be expanded, possibly to 35, to accommodate them - an arrangement criticised by their Canadian coach, Sarah Murray.

Ken Stone claims that North Korea has committed few, if any, violations of global law.

At those events, North and South Korean athletes in the same uniforms entered stadiums behind a "unification flag", a blue image of the Korean Peninsula on a white background, to the tune of the Korean traditional folk song "Arirang" instead of their individual national anthems.

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