Zimbabwe Says Trump's Alleged S...hole Countries Remarks 'Shocked And Dismayed Us'

President Donald Trump walks along to colonnade to the Oval Office of the White House in Washington Thursday Jan. 18 2018 as he returns from Pittsburgh

Zimbabwe Says Trump's Alleged S...hole Countries Remarks 'Shocked And Dismayed Us'

In condemning Trump's remarks, Zimbabwe joined other SADC countries as well as African Union that have castigated the US President over his statement.

"The statement which was attributed to the USA's President, Mr Donald J. Trump, on 11 January 2018, has shocked and dismayed us".

Addressing participants at the Global Grants Fund launch at the Harare International Conference Centre on Wednesday Ambassador Harry said "On behalf of our Embassy, my Government and the American people, we have tremendous respect for Zimbabwe, the African Continent its people its culture and its tradition". "We have nothing but respect for you and we welcome you to our shores as visitors, or as residents", he said.

"Bigotry and hate speech must find no place in contemporary statecraft and diplomatic discourse".

"We hope that you will reassess your views on Africa and its citizens, and recognize the important contributions Africans and African Americans have made and continue to make to our country, our history, and the enduring bonds that will always link Africa and the United States", the letter said.

Trump's remarks were condemned by the 55-nation African Union while some African governments summoned the USA ambassador in their capitals to demand an explanation. Its Department of International Relations and Cooperation said international reaction to the Trump remarks served as a united affirmation of the dignity of the people of Africa and the African Diaspora.

The US media reported that during an Oval Office meeting on immigration, Trump described Africa, together with Haiti and El Salvador, as "shithole countries" supplying undesirable immigrants to the US. The African Union has since expressed infuriation, outrage and disappointment over the Trump's remarks.

Haley asked to meet the African ambassadors at the United Nations after they released a joint statement demanding an apology from Trump for his "outrageous, racist and xenophobic remarks". The AU demanded a retraction of the comment and an apology to Africans and all people of African descent globally.

Botswana also summoned the United States ambassador to Gaborone last week and expressed its displeasure over the irresponsible statements with the South African Government also voicing similar concern.

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