The history of Jerusalem according to Abbas

Susan Walsh | AP | BDN

Susan Walsh | AP | BDN

US ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley felt compelled to comment on the comment, and said Washington is "not going to pay to be abused", referring to aid to the Palestinians through UNRWA and other conduits.

"Today is the day that the Oslo Accords end", he said.

Over the years, Abdullah has tried to soften continued domestic opposition to Jordan's peace treaty with Israel, struck by his father in 1994, in part by offering his services as mediator on behalf of the Palestinians, in dealings with Israel and the US.

This is exactly where the role of the American broker becomes so crucially important: To create the right atmosphere that will help Israelis and Palestinians reach out to each other and start rebuilding trust.

Speaking in Cairo this week, Abbas blasted the U.S. in a sizzling and impassioned speech, deriding Trump's "sinful" decision on the Holy City and re-asserting that the United States "can no longer be a mediator or sponsor" of peace talks.

President Donald Trump, a target of wrath in the Abbas speech, typically is quick to jab back at insults, but this time he said nothing.

But the Times says the State Department, under the advice of David Friedman, the US ambassador to Israel, has settled on the retrofitting plan. But if things weren't bad enough, the Jerusalem declaration made them worse: When in December 2017 the PSR polled Palestinians again, more than 90 percent viewed Trump's declaration on Jerusalem as "a threat to Palestinian interests".

There is no need to go through a blow by blow of the Palestinian president's repugnant claims that European Jews marched to the ovens in order to avoid emigrating to Palestine, his ludicrous charge that Israel has nothing to do with Judaism, or his nescient reading of history in which Zionist leaders conspired with Arab potentates to make their countries Judenrein in order to boost Israel's Jewish population.

President Abbas claimed that the Palestinians have resided in this region for generations.

Abbas has been a disappointing political partner for Israel, to say the least. How is Israel responding?

Much has already been said of Mahmoud Abbas's vilely ahistorical and anti-Semitic speech to the P.L.O.'s Central Council on Sunday.

"Only a special statute, also internationally guaranteed, can preserve its identity", he said, "and its unique vocation as a place of peace recalled by the sacred places, as well as its universal value, allowing a future of reconciliation and hope for the whole region". In short, he makes it easy for the right to advance its settlement agenda and flirtation with annexation with no concurrent cost, and Israeli nationalist politicians still get to beat up on a Palestinian leader they can portray as not being truly interested in peace. Therefore, why does Israel not withdraw from it, and why does [U.S. President] Donald Trump say that it is the united capital of Israel?

"It is impossible, and I repeat - it is impossible - to return to the cycle of negotiations that failed to deal with the substance of the matter and the fundamental question", he told the U.N. General Assembly in September 2014, after the collapse of the Obama administration-led peace talks earlier in the year, and the Gaza War that happened in the summer of the same year.

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