Ex-US Ambassadors Write Trump over Shithole Slur

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump

Jackson said he would increase Trump's daily dose of Crestor, a cholesterol-lowering drug, and bring in a nutritionist to work with White House chefs. "We talked about diet and exercise a lot", Jackson said. A score of 26 or higher is considered normal but anything less than that could indicate signs of cognitive impairment that could lead to dementia, as Nasreddine said in 2009 interview. Perdue says Durbin and Republican Sen.

Senator Dicky Durbin totally misrepresented what was said at the DACA meeting.

President Donald Trump, on the defensive in the wake of recent disparaging comments about Haiti and African nations that have revived questions about whether the leader of the world's melting pot is a racist, declared Sunday that he is not one.

"I'll tell you one thing - I will never forget it", he said.

"It's called genetics", Jackson said.

Dr Jackson performed a series of tests on the 71-year-old president on Tuesday as part of his first medical exam in office.

"And I felt that was a statement that had to be answered directly", Durbin said.

The ripples generated by President Donald Trump's alleged disparaging shithole comments have continued, with 78 former United States Ambassadors who served in Africa writing the president to remind him about the continent's great exploits and potential.

Speaking to news media Tuesday, Nasreddine stressed that while Trump's flawless score was generally good news with regard to the president's memory, it didn't offer anything near a complete profile.

Trump's mental fitness for the job had come under intense scrutiny after a recently published, controversial book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House", portrayed him as childlike and mercurial. People briefed on the conversation say that during the meeting the president also questioned the need to admit more Haitians to the U.S. He also takes a low-dose aspirin for heart health.

That's according to Democratic Sen.

Jackson says, "The president's overall health is excellent".

"We want them to come in from everywhere", the president said when asked about immigration policy during an Oval Office meeting with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., asked her specifically if she heard the vulgarity or a "substantially similar word" to describe certain countries. They said Trump expressed a preference for immigrants from countries like Norway, which is overwhelmingly white.

This item has been corrected to show that Nielsen is secretary of DHS, not HHS.

Durbin, a Democrat, said last week that Trump had told lawmakers during the meeting on immigration policy that the USA didn't need any more immigrants from Haiti and that he'd rather have more from Norway and fewer from "shithole countries" in Africa.

Tim Scott said Graham confirmed to him the President made the remark, telling The Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C., that Graham said the comments being reported in the media were "basically accurate".

"I just think it would have been covered differently if it were a Republican senator yelling or lecturing a woman coming before the Senate, not giving her a chance to explain herself, grandstanding", Ronna McDaniel told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo of "New Day". Also concerning are Trump's total cholesterol levels and his LDL ("bad" cholesterol), as both increased significantly over the past year, despite being on a statin drug known as Crestor or Rosuvastatin.

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