Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct, issues statement about allegations

Sam Bee to Aziz Ansari: “If You Say You're a Feminist, Then F--k Like a Feminist”

The Reporter Of The Aziz Ansari Exposé Just Went OFF On A Canadian Journalist Who Challenged The Accusations

The anonymous woman who spoke to accused Ansari of continually trying to have sex with her after a date in September, though "she used verbal and non-verbal cues to indicate how uncomfortable and distressed" she was.

And that's the key sticking point in the Ansari case, as the woman alleged that the "Master of None" star coerced her into oral sex and other activities.

Praised by Vanity Fair as Bee's strongest monologue yet, the first seven minutes of the weekly TBS late-night show was dedicated to dissecting the #MeToo backlash of the past few weeks, from the 'Shitty Media Men' list to the recent sexual misconduct allegations against Ansari.

"What many fail to understand is that it doesn't have to be rape to ruin your life, and it doesn't have to ruin your life to be worth speaking out about", Bee said. "I assume she fashions herself a feminist in this movement". It is almost impossible to imagine a similar reception for a 25-year old woman who composed a powerful piece about how she came to believe in the moral necessity of, say, congestion pricing. That's not the way we have those conversations as women or as men.

"I'm sorry that anyone ever thought the contents of that list or any of the ways we protect ourselves from men were your goddamn business", Bee said. The "witchhunt", the mashing together of bad dates and rape, the infantilization of women, etc., are things the media are creating in order to basically tell women "we heard you about the big things, but now we need you to shut the f-up because men need to date!"

She claimed: "By your own clear description, this was not a rape, nor was it a sexual assault".

In her recollection of the evening, the woman stated, "I was debating if this was an awkward sexual experience or sexual assault". Just a few days ago, a young writer, Moira Donegan, found herself anointed in the wake of a well-crafted and thoroughly absorbing essay she wrote for The Cut, in which she announced that she was the woman who had created the fabled list meant to steer women away from potentially unsafe men in the media. "That is on you", Banfield said in part.

"In September of previous year, I met a woman at a party".

"A lot of people are anxious about Aziz's career, which no one is trying to end, because again, we know the difference between a rapist, a workplace harasser, and an Aziz Ansari", she added. "That doesn't mean we have to be happy about any of them!" "And if you don't want to do that, then take off your f*cking pin because we are not your accessories".

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